Dinosaur Museum

This is the process of our expedition. We hunt for the fossils in the rock and dirt. Once we have found one, we clean the debris off and around it. We can then use a plaster-like substance to protect and stabilize the fossil. It is then brought back to the museum for cleaning and puzzling together for display.

Story of the Museum

When a complete articulated Gyposaurus duckbill dinosaur was found at the Museum of the Rockies Field Site north of Rudyard in the summer of 2004, it was decided that it should be displayed at the local Depot Museum. The museum did not have a building large enough to house the dinosaur, so one needed to be built. It took a few years of planning, fundraising and working to get the new home for the Gyrposaurus. It was an awesome sight to see the volunteers show up and erect the building. With lots of team work in a few weekends the building was up and then came the finish work. The Dino Museum was opened in May 2006. That Summer over 1,000 visitors came through the doors. Along with several local artifacts, arrowheads, dino vertebrae and teeth, the Dino Museum has a display of Maiasaura, Troodon, Pterosaur and many more dinosaurs. Because of our affiliation with the Museum of the Rockies, these displays will be rotated and changed from year to year.

"The Oldest Sorehead" (the local Gyrposaurus) is such a great specimen and this area is so rich with dinosaurs, it is only right that this dinosaur can show visitors to the museum what is common to our area. Join us, as we unearth the mysteries of the past!